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About ClarkeWGS Coordinate Converter

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The ClarkeWGS Coordinate Converter transforms the coordinates of GIS data from a Modified Clarke 1880 coordinate system to a WGS 84 coordinate system and vice-versa. The converter uses a combination of a Helmert transformation and for applications requiring greater accuracy, an optional weighted mean adjustment. Control data for the ClarkeWGS Coordinate Converter can be purchased from the Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping. This control data is supplied as two files containing trig beacon information in both the Modified Clarke 1880 coordinate system and the WGS 84 coordinate system. Control data can also be imported from various other formats or entered manually. For users that do not require centimeter accuracy, degree square parameters as supplied by the Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping has also been built into the software.

ClarkeWGS Coordinate Converter Features  
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Rigorous. For Land Surveyors and other users requiring high accuracy, this conversion uses a rigorous procedure that is designed in accordance with guidelines established by the Surveyor-Generals office in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Topological. The ability to support topological data formats provides GIS practitioners with the tools to easily convert large GIS databases, whilst retaining topology.
The ClarkeWGS Coordinate Converter supports multiple inputs and outputs formats, namely:
Industry standard ESRI polygon, line and point Shapefiles.
InfoMate projects
Databases (dBase, Paradox, Oracle, Access)
ASCII coordinates in various formats
Compuplot Cadastral .crd files



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ClarkeWGS Coordinate Converter
Upgrade & Maintenance Plan - Optional

Note: The maintenance and upgrade plan is an optional purchase and is charged annually.

Do you need GIS datasets converted from a Modified Clarke 1880 coordinate system to a WGS 84 coordinate system (or vice-versa)? ISS provides various data conversion services to facilitate a quick and seamless transition onto the WGS 84 coordinate system. Contact ISS for more information.

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