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Welcome to IntelliGIS, a powerful GIS database explorer built on industry standards that provides exceptional, yet easy-to-use GIS capabilities. Developed by Information Software Systems (ISS) using the latest ESRI based technology, IntelliGIS provides an affordable, complete and integrated system for geographic data creation, maintenance, analysis and management.


IntelliGIS Features  
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Work with industry standard ESRI Shapefiles, ARC/INFO Coverages, SDE & ArcSDE layers and CAD (DXF, DWG and DGN) files.
Print maps (to scale and in projection) using the standard Windows printer drivers.
Edit the attribute and spatial information in ESRI Shapefiles, SDE 3.x and ArcSDE 8.x layers.
Display geo-referenced images from standard image formats (incl. TIFF, JPG, MrSID, Grid).
Visualize data using a variety of different classifications, symbols and labelling.
Identify, query and search geographic and attribute data.
Relate information in external databases (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MS Access etc.).
Integrate customized extensions to add new tools and functions to IntelliGIS’s GUI.
Spatially index data for fast and efficient visualisation.
Draw text, line and point markers directly onto the map to highlight features or show specific areas of interest.
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IntelliGIS - Special
Upgrade & Maintenance Plan - Optional

Note: The maintenance and upgrade plan is an optional purchase and is charged annually.

Note: For a limited time only, IntelliGIS will be selling at a massive 33% discount.

Do you need a customized GIS solution? Contact ISS and take a look at how we have customized IntelliGIS for a range of clients to get GIS to work for them. From a forestry management system for South Africa’s leading forestry company, to real-time fault tracking of a city’s water supply, to an interactive address database, IntelliGIS has been a cost effective GIS solution.

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